Our treatments range from 20 to 60 minutes, and are thorough, specific and tailored with results that last. We believe in taking our time and addressing your concerns, injuries, and pain with attention and care.

Dr. Joshua Rushing, DC has acquired an expansive toolbox of chiropractic techniques, including Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM), dry needling, therapeutic laser and therapeutic ultrasound to compliment his fifteen plus years of adjusting experience. Dr. Rushing is an avid cyclist and athlete and is passionate about working with those with active lifestyles, from high school sports to retired, from professionals to weekend warriors and hard laborers.

Dr. Vicky McCoy, DC uses a combination of massage therapy, joint mobilization, stretching, stabilization exercises, and chiropractic adjustments to give you a holistic and complete treatment. Dr. Vicky believes there is more to the body than the spine, and includes attention to the muscles, areas of tension, and extremities at every visit.

At HEALTHSMITH, you are more than just a spine.

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Chiro New Patient Exam - 60 min, $165

Chiro Essentials - 20 min, $65

Chiro Plus - 40 min, $105

Chiro Max - 60 min, $165

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