About Healthsmith

Healthsmith was founded in 1993 by Dr. Lisa Boote, DC, then continued on by Dr. Vicky McCoy, DC, in 2022. Healthsmith is known for using muscle testing, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing to explore biochemical challenges and deficiencies to discover the most precise supplement protocol for your physiology.
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Healthsmith offers full service chiropractic, using a wide variety of soft tissue tools and chiropractic techniques to tailor each treatment to each body. Our sessions are longer in duration to carefully and thoroughly address the whole body, or to address areas of concern with more depth. This model lends to a satisfying treatment with lasting results.
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Healthsmith is the only location in Northern Nevada that offers Structural Bodywork, a technique that addresses fascial adhesions to improve function and movement. This style of work is intentional and purposeful, and compliments our other offerings to compound results.
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Dr. Vicky McCoy, DC

Dr. Vicky is the owner of Healthsmith, and specializes in Functional Nutrition, muscle testing, Applied Kinesiology, Wholistic Methylation, and Nutrition Response Testing. As a former massage therapist, her full-body chiropractic style includes flavors of massage and myofascial release.

About Dr. Vicky

Dr. Joshua Rushing, DC

Dr. Rushing is an avid cyclist and athlete and is passionate about working with those with active lifestyles, from high school sports to retired, from professionals to weekend warriors. Dr. Rushing has an expansive toolbox of adjunctive techniques, including Active Release Technique (ART), instrument assisted soft tissue massage (IASTM), dry needling, therapeutic laser and therapeutic ultrasound.

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Matthew Draggoo, LMT

Matthew uses his depth of knowledge of the body and its movement patterns to offer a unique style of bodywork that is more than just a massage. Having history as a sports trainer, a yoga teacher, and certifications in Structural Integration, Matthew’s sessions deepen the mind-body connection, release old physical patterns, and improve movement patterns.

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