At HEALTHSMITH, we specialize in a thorough, individualized and unique health experience through elevated chiropractic care, functional nutrition and therapeutic massage. We take our time to meet your body where it is at and strive to become your partner in health. The Team

Chiropractic Care

For patients with pain, muscular tension, or restricted motion. Long duration sessions (20 – 60 minutes) tailored to each individual using a wide variety of techniques and modalities for maximum results.

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Functional Nutrition

For those looking to improve their health and well-being with targeted supplementation. Individually designed to eliminate or alleviate symptoms of deficiencies and toxicities.

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Therapeutic Massage

Holistic integration of connective and soft tissue techniques to unravel irregular patterns, restore natural alignment, and create ease in movement.

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Dry Needling

Appropriate for acute and sub-acute pain from a wide variety of neuromuscular conditions, for those experiencing pain, inflammation, reduced blood flow and muscle guarding.

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Structural Bodywork

An advanced style of connective tissue manipulation and movement education, designed to assist in stepping out from the sleeve of your current holding patterns and stepping into a healthier you.

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"Last February, I injured my shoulder during a strength training session. I was in a lot of pain and had a serious loss of mobility. I went to see Dr. McCoy and after a thorough examination, she began a series of appointments to alleviate the pain and allow for full use of my shoulder. It was amazing! I was very impressed with her professionalism and technique and the results were incredible. On a side note, she also worked on adjusting my lower back and wrist to help with some lingering issues in those areas as well. I very highly recommend Dr. McCoy to anyone."

-Scott P.

"Vicky stood out to me as a Standard Process practitioner because of her confidence and knowledge. Vicky educated and incorporated me in the process and I felt at ease. My purchases were money well spent and I feel significantly better."

-Josh G.

"I didn't know how bad my normal was until I starting taking Standard Process. After my first month of being on SP supplements, I felt my energy levels go through the roof, I didn't crave carbs or sugars nearly as much, my skin was clearer than ever, and my bowel movements improved. I've now been on Standard Process for 8 months, and I feel as if my health is improving every day. I couldn't have done it without Vicky!"

-Erin M.

"Vicky rocks! If you want someone that’s in your corner to help you through whatever it is that ails you, look no further. Her best quality is the fact she’s been through her own challenges that taught her empathy and pushed her to pursue a level of knowledge required to solve complicated nutritional cases with results."

Jason M.

"I went to Vicky for pain in my forearm, which seemed to be simple inflammation. I had been experiencing pain for over a year and it was limiting my strength and ability to do CrossFit to my full capacity. She began treatment on the first visit and by the fourth visit, the pain was greatly reduced. By the 5th visit I was pain free. I recommend Vicky’s practice for any chiropractic need, or even weekly/biweekly maintenance. She’s personable, flexible and her goal is to solve the problem, if there is one, but otherwise take genuine, good care of her patients to meet their needs."

-Shelly E.

"Dr. Vicky is truly a rare find! Her knowledge BEYOND the scope of chiropractic makes you feel like you're getting two doctors for the price of one! Dr. Vicky's expertise in nutrition has helped me feel better physically, emotionally, and given me more mental clarity. I had no idea that some of the foods I ate daily were causing all sorts of symptoms. Dr. Vicky helped me find the foods and supplements my body needed for optimal health. Whether you are sick and want a holistic and natural approach to getting well, or you're looking and feeling great and want that extra edge, Dr. Vicky should be your FIRST stop."

-Nicki S.

"I had the pleasure of working with Vicky for an array of chronic issues. She was not only effective in treating me but she encouraged me to look beyond chiropractic for healthy and easy solutions. She's incredibly smart, humble, warm, and I trust her 1000 times over. In short, I highly recommend her!!"

-Leslie H.